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Personality & Team Development

St. Galler Coaching Modell ®


The coaching model developed by Rudolf E. Fitz is a VALUE-oriented, systemic, 5-dimensional coaching and a two-way scientifically validated and secured coaching method.

Compared to other coaching methods, the St. Galler coaching model assumes that people primarily want to see their values ​​fulfilled and not pursue goals. Therefore, the overall process is oriented to a value selected by the client and the detection of value violations.  

The coaching is aimed at healthy persons who are in a difficult life situation or who want to deal with a specific lifestyle and want to solve it. In a personal context, life values ​​such as quality of life, lifestyles, happiness, health, or contentment are important. Often thema about self-confidence, self-esteem but also values ​​such as spirituality and the meaning of life. 

The Coaching

The client runs 5-8 sessions (about 2 hours per session) and a total of 22 proven processes. The coach directs the respective processes according to a given script and reflects them with the client. It is a practical work with colored sheets "ground anchor":

  • The client and the coach are on the same level: no tips - no advice

  • 85% of the processes are bodywork. "The body is your home"

  • We distance ourselves from sectarian or esoteric practices in coaching

  • The coaching takes place in a coaching room, but can also take place in another resourceful area
    (not in your own home)

The Coach

Since 1997 Stefano Pegorer has been working as a coach and certified adult trainer. Born in Thalwil (Zuerich) on February 7, 1962, he speaks fluent German, Italian and English. His studies in electrical engineering and computer science enabled him to work in various business areas. His technical know-how and flair for dealing with people are perfect requirements to work as an adult trainer, project- and team leader as well as personality and team development coach.

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